Optimize your website loading time

Many user complain that a website does not load fast enough, and it is true that if it takes more than 3s to load a page the user thinks the page is slow… This of course without taking into account the time it takes to load the images within the site.

We at Thirty2 have created a technique to optimize our clients WordPress based websites. Why specially for WordPress? Because WP is known for it’s thousands of plug-ins that might make the code behind the site run slowly if too many plug-ins are working together.

The website speed proof

Slow loading time WCR
Here the loading time of the website is 6.83 seconds.
Super fast loading time WCR
In this test the loading time is reduced to 1.85 seconds

In the pictures above you can see the different loading times between the websites. On the first one we did not apply our new technique to optimize speed and on the second one we did. Its a mix between HTML caching, image optimization and script merging.

If you have a slow running site, and would like to make it fasts again, even for mobile, we are the team to contact. We will be glad to help you out.

3 years ago

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