Tesla, the business model of the future

The Business Model

Yes, Tesla is taking very risky moves in the business world, one of the reason investors are sceptical on buying their stocks. They are right, if you look at the graphs its a bit like betting on a horse race.


Tesla stocks 28 July to 3 months ago.
Tesla stocks 28 July to 3 months ago.


Tesla has proven to be the best company when it comes to taking care of the environment. They apply new techniques to business and new technologies to the motorized world. They rely on a dreams and not only on what the stake holders want.

Old companies are normally driven by profit, this way of business-plan is changing, with new trends coming out like, taking care of your heart, your health, your body, your mind, specially taking care of nature. Tesla is the new business model, since it began in 2003 it was clear the Elon Musk was about to embark in the biggest adventure of his life, in the mean time changing everybody else’s without us even knowing it.

The future today

Elon has opened the eyes of the public, letting us know that 100% renewable motors is possible and that other car manufacturers were just being motivated by profit and did not really care about the environment. Tesla has just begun their Giga Factory, to produce even more batteries and expand their motors to buses, trains and who know what else Elon has in  mind.

Se there you go 2 thumbs up for Tesla, what a great success for the world, I really hope other companies try to put themselves to Tesla’s level and forget for once about pushing the charts up.

3 years ago

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